MJ Offen


OVERVIEW: Versatile, experienced, highly original creator and producer with expertise in all aspects of transmedia brand development and animation production, specializing in the youth market.

Currently Head Of Animation at JASH. Head Of Animation – JASH, BUH & VPN

Oversee all animated content for A-list comedy collective HACHACHA Productions – better known as three sites/YouTube channels: JASH, BUH and VPN. Produced over 60 shorts in year one with animators from around the globe. Executive Produced “The Great Twitter War” for comedian/actor Tim Heidecker with Titmouse Animation. Produced animation on Sarah Silverman’s Women’s Rights Video with Tinman Creative. Creator and producer for VPN weekly animated podcast series “ANiMASHUPS.” Producer “Very Animated People” animated celebrity interview series on BUH. See:,

BACKGROUND: Previously the Creative Director of Animation at Maker Studios, one of the world’s top 2 largest YouTube Networks, MJ Offen develops, writes and produces original animated content starring many of the biggest celebrities on YouTube. Offen developed and produced for Maker Studios' first animated channel, ANIMONSTER, an Adult Swim type line-up of original cartoons that launched in December 2011. ANIMONSTER has over 26 MILLION Views to date with over 315,000 Subscribers.

                 Currently, Offen is producing Maker’s new kid-safe YouTube Channel, CARTOONIUM, soon to launch on YouTube with a line-up of original series mixed in among classic animated shows.

Prior to Maker, Offen developed original series at Nickelodeon working with her producer and mentor, Mary Harrington (Spongebob, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Ren & Stimpy). Offen has developed animated series at Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney Playhouse, The Jim Henson Company, Warner Bros. Animation, Dreamworks, Sony Animation and more.

Offen has worked extensively as an animation screenwriter and toy designer. Her screen credits include episodes of Tom & Jerry, Scooby & Shaggy Get A Clue, Baby Looney Tunes, Pucca, George Of The Jungle, Creepie and 321 Penguins. Her toy design experience includes one of 2012’s most award-winning toys, The Bump-And-Go Bubble Bug for Gazillion/Funrise.

Originally from Washington D.C., Offen has an MFA in New Media from Art Center College of Design and is a Thomas J. Watson Fellow [an international travel grant, like a Fulbright] which allowed Offen to study animation for a year in Asia, the U.K., Belgium and France.

Today, when not writing or cartooning, Offen performs stand-up comedy in Hollywood, CA. Find her on Twitter as @MJOffen.